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The Egg Files has reached the semifinal stage of this year's Independent Game Festival.

The Egg Files is a fast-paced action game that tells the story of a frantic rooster desperately trying to defend his farm from alien invaders. The combination of strategy and fast-paced arcade action creates a unique and satisfying game experience. As the action continues, new types of aliens and increasingly challenging environments ramp up the difficulty. Currently, the game is still in development and looking for a publisher.

Loni Reeder writes in RePlay magazine "[The Egg Files is] a fascinating, addictive, vibrantly colored progressive puzzle game." Independent game design reporter Ludum Dare wrote "The Egg Files I think had a lot of both innovative gameplay and production values. Developed by a team of 2 it's a lot of fun to play, and very colorful and was my favorite title of the IGF this year."

"We're very proud of The Egg Files," said Matthew Schlanger, president of Black Hammer Game. "For a game so early in the development cycle to be recognized for its innovation and quality is gratifying to us, and we hope that as we continue to create The Egg Files that it will live up to its great potential." Nikita Mikros, Black Hammer Games vice president and lead designer of The Egg Files adds "We still plan to add dozens of levels, new enemies, new gameplay challenges and more. If you like The Egg Files now, you're going to love it when it's complete."

The Independent Game Festival is an event aimed to recognize innovation in games not designed by major publishers. Previous winners have included Shattered Galaxy, Tread Marks and Fire And Darkness.

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