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Supremacy: Four Paths To Power I Spy Challenger The Egg Files

Supremacy: Four Paths To Power is a unique, fast-paced but deeply strategic game of interplanetary combat for one or two players. In the tradition of games such as Alpha Centauri and X-Com, Supremacy is a turn-based strategy game where players attempt to colonize planets in a variety of quadrants within a very unusual galaxy. Players choose one of four commanding officers, each with their own unique backstory, advantages and disadvantages, and start with at least one planet and one spaceship.

From those humble beginnings, they must build up a fighting force and expand their empire while dealing with the opposition, a Commanding Officer of equal rank who is building up his own forces. In addition players will have to deal with merciless space pirates, who lurk hidden in the shadows of deep space. Scripted narrative segments move the story but the essential gameplay is extremely open-ended and non-linear, giving players unprecedented strategic freedom. In space or on land, through resource management, choice of vessels and ground troops, clever maneuvering or brute force, you must conquer the galaxy. Supremacy perfectly combines easy-to-learn addictive strategy gameplay with unprecedented depth and replayability.

Supremacy: Four Paths To Power will be released for PC platforms by Matrix Games in 2004.

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