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Black Hammer Game is a full-service game development company currently working in the PC and GBA markets. We are always interested in hearing from publishers and creating new working relationships. Our services include:

Complete turnkey game development, from conceptual design, programming and asset generation to QA testing. We can take a game from inception to completion entirely in-house with exceptional attention to quality, budget and timeliness.

Game design and document production - we can generate game concepts, design documents, and other materials to aid you in finding funding and resources for your project.

Full-service art department - our staff can produce any type of artwork that you may need, from concept sketches to fully textured and animated 3D models, in a variety of styles from cartoony to realistic.

Consultation and market research services - we have worked with clients developing projects ranging from Game Boy Advance titles to massively-multiplayer online games.

Black Hammer Game was founded by Matthew Schlanger and Nikita Mikros in 2001. Our first title was "I Spy Challenger" for the Game Boy Advance, we are currently continuing to develop "The Egg Files" for PC release and our next title, "Supremacy: Four Paths To Power" will be released in 2004. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, integrity and great gameplay.

Contact: Laurie Needell, 212 625 8980x29 or