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New York, NY--With fall approaching, there are certain milestones kids anticipate with varying degrees of enthusiasm. There is September's return to school, and then there is October's release of the latest I Spy software. This year's I Spy game, I Spy Challenger, is the very first I Spy title developed for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance platform. The New York based development company, Black Hammer Game, worked with Scholastic to bring the I Spy experience to the GBA. Black Hammer Game's President, Matthew Schlanger, has years of experience developing software for the I Spy franchise. His company, Black Hammer Productions, has developed all six of the I Spy CDs for Scholastic. His partner, Nik Mikros, is new to the I Spy series, but as the lead programmer and technical strategist for Black Hammer Game, he quickly immersed himself in all things I Spy. The result is I Spy Challenger, a puzzle-packed GBA title with multiple levels that will enthrall children ages six to ten.

"We're very proud of I Spy Challenger," says Schlanger. "We wanted to enter the GBA market with a high quality title that we would be proud of. Thanks to Scholastic, we have that opportunity." "It was important to me to demonstrate that I could meet the milestone deadlines on a GBA project, and I really appreciate the efforts of the Black Hammer Game programming team in helping us look good. Hopefully, our good work will be rewarded with additional GBA projects," adds Mikros.

I Spy Challenger will be on the shelves of software retailers nationwide in October 2002

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