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Matrix Games has acquired the right to publish the new turn-based sci-fi strategy game, Supremacy: Four Paths To Power (, which is scheduled for release in January, 2005

Supremacy: Four Paths To Power is the ultimate test of survival for sci-fi strategists. Begin with a planet, a ship and a plan. The galaxy is stretched out before you, but you are not alone. The path to Supremacy is a puzzle with many pieces, from espionage and economic growth to planetary invasions and fleet battles. Play as one of four unique commanders, each with distinctive starships, ground units, abilities and strategies.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “We’re excited to be able to bring Supremacy: Four Paths To Power to our customers. We believe it’s a real strategy gamer’s title, where every choice involves a trade-off and every challenge has several possible solutions. Different play styles are rewarded, but in the end you have to conquer to succeed and in the area of combat, Supremacy really shines.”

Supremacy: Four Paths To Power is designed to allow you to have total control over your campaign. The composition of your fleets and ground forces and the improvement of your worlds is up to you. Guard your supply lines, scout enemy territory and attack before you are attacked. Plan carefully or you will face defeat. A variety of galactic maps and customizable play options also offer tactical variety and replayability.

Combat resolution in Supremacy: Four Paths To Power is turn-based. Combat happens both in space, where over a dozen unique ships attack and defend with a number of special attacks and upgrades, and on the ground, where armies clash using gigantic mechs, flamethrowers, suicide bombers and more. Fight against another human or against a finely tuned adaptive AI opponent.

Although there are many paths you can choose, only one will lead to Supremacy!

List of Features

* 4 unique storylines for each individual race
* Combat is fought in space and on planetary surfaces
* 45 unique units, including suicide bombers, flamethrowers and massive mechs
* Adaptive AI that will continually challenge your strategies
* Unique resource management and economic system
* Robust multiplayer allows you to find and challenge others
* Customize the game to better suit your preferences
* Multiple tactical approaches to each battle keeps combat fresh
* Ruthless AI controlled Space Pirates may hinder your plans
* Extensive in-game help makes Supremacy easy to learn (but difficult to master)

For more information, please visit the Supremacy: Four Paths To Power website at


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